Tie Dye Sweatpants

Are you a tie dye enthusiast? Then you can’t pass on getting yourself a great-looking pair of tie dye sweatpants which according to fashion and style experts will still be a trendy style. Which is why today, we’ll be sharing with you some of the best tie dye sweatpants options.

Let’s be honest, since lockdown started, most likely the one clothing item you’ve bought repeatedly is sweatpants. Or perhaps you belong to the group who joined this trendy activity.
We all know how comfortable sweatpants are, in addition sweatpants are also highly convenient, as they aren’t only cheap and easy to wash, but you can also take them virtually anywhere and still pull off a great trendy look.

So whether you are a sweatpants lover or are just curious about the tie dye trend, and are still deciding if you should join or not, keep in mind this is a style that is not going anywhere anytime soon so you might as well look fashionable while keeping yourself comfy. Check out below some of the best tie dye sweatpants that we are certain you will love; or if you prefer to do all the dirty work, we also tell you how.

Tie Dye Sweatpants FAQ’s

How long does tie dye last on clothes?

Dye maintains its potency for only 48-72 hours. It is recommended to activate only the colors and amounts you plan on using in a given session to avoid wasting precious dye.

Why do you have to wet the fabric before tie dying?

You want the fabric to be wet (but not dripping) when you tie and dye. The material will expand when it is wet, so making sure to tie each fold will secure the dye in place. Get it, tie-dye. The two most important factors for a successful tie-dye are color choice and color saturation.

How do you tie sweatpants to tie-dye?

Dampen sweatpants, lay out flat, and accordion fold the top of the pants until the legs split. Accordion folds each leg independently, creating two accordion-fold stacks. Band up your sweatpants, spacing rubber bands a few inches apart. Dye each section a different color, using your tie-dye rack to catch excess dye.

How long do you have to wait to rinse out tie dye?

You’ll want to wait about 24 hours before washing, so the dye has plenty of time to set, according to The Adair Group, an Atlanta-based clothing company. Then, when it’s time to give your garments their inaugural scrub, wear gloves and give them a good rinse under running water to get rid of any excess dye.

What you should know before you tie dye sweatpants at home?

  • Washing: Before you do anything else, you should prewash your clothing. It will remove dirt, stains, and treatments that prevent the dye from absorbing properly such as sizing.
  • Fabric matters: The material you use is crucial because it will dictate everything, from the type of dye you use to how long you let it sit to the method of tie-dying. Natural fibres like cotton, linen and silk soaks up and retains dye easily.
  • Method: Using a bottle with the dye mixture, you douse the clothing then let it sit for at least 20 minutes. To ensure you have enough of the same colour mixture, make a larger batch in a jug before pouring into smaller bottles. It’s recommended to steam the clothing and use a colour fixative to enhance the colours and keep it from bleeding upon being washed.
  • Color palette: Try monochrome tie-dye. Limiting your tie-dye sweatpants colour palette to a single hue will make your formerly unkept WFH uniform super chic.

Can you use bleach to tie dye sweatpants?

  • Instead of adding color, this method removes it. Not only will it work on any fabric but it eliminates the need for dye.
  • Combine one part water and one part bleach in a bottle (spray or otherwise) and thoroughly douse your black or coloured clothing, trussed up as you would for regular tie-dying. You’ll see the color start changing immediately.
  • Depending on how light you want the fabric to get, you can leave it on from 8 minutes to an hour.
  • Don’t forget to wear gloves to protect your hands and either do it outside or in a well-ventilated area so you don’t breathe in the chemicals.

What are the different tie dye patterns you can use to tie dye sweatpants?

  • Crinkle Tie Dye: You simply gather or crinkle your material up into little folds and secure elastic bands as needed. Don’t get hung up on perfection since it’s pretty hard to mess up.
  • Ice Tie Dye: To achieve a more organic aesthetic with a water effect, try this technique of sprinkling powdered dye on top of ice that’s on crumpled fabric.
  • Spiral Tie Dye: For a trippy spiral graphic instead of crumpling the fabric, use a large fork to twirl it into a circular shape before securing elastics around evenly.
  • Shibori Tie Dye: This style originates from Japan and involves folding, bunching and twisting the fabric with various techniques to create patterns. It’s traditionally done with indigo dye but you can use whatever hue you prefer.
  • Ombré Tie Dye: Meaning “to shade” in French, the ombré method is done by gradating the colour from light to dark. Using material made of natural fibres, you can space out elastics along your item and saturate the sections in the dye mixture, watering it down as you move along to each area to create the lightening effect.

Tie Dye Sweatpants

SANTINY Women’s Joggers Pants

SANTINY women’s jogger pants made of soft,comfortable and four-way stretch fabric provide you with maximum comfort,support and coverage in your workout.

It combines comfort, functionality, and fashion. Perfect for lounge, workout, running, jogging, travel and daily casual wear.

Strong elasticity offers a personalized fit without falling down. Pockets are deep enough to store your phones, keys, wallet, and card.

tie dye sweatpants: SANTINY Women's Joggers Pants


  • Elastic cuff
  • Deep pockets
  • Drawstring waistband

Sarin Mathews Women’s Joggers Yoga Sweatpants

Sarin Mathews Casual yoga pants with wide elastic waistband will make you feel comfortable when you are sporting.

Loose Straight Leg design, make you looks slimming fit. You can use it every day. A comfy and casual lounge pants great for yoga, pilates, sporting, vacation, beach, sleep, lounge around, and relaxing at home.

This Sarin Mathews casual wild leg legging will be a favorite in your lounge wear wardrobe. Suitable for any season wear.

tie dye sweatpants: Sarin Mathews Women's Joggers Yoga Sweatpants


  • Drawstring closure
  • Loose-fitting
  • Wide leg

Sports Jogger Sweatpants Tie Dye Black

They are great allowing you to move without binding and the drawstring keeps the waist where it should be.

The sweatpants are comfortable, well-fitting, good for running errands, jogging, and other casual activities. Just throw on some botties and you are ready to rock your tie-dye sweatpants anywhere.

They feel pretty sturdy, not super light-weight as you might want for mid-summer, but fabric is enough thickness to help keep you warm in winter just pair with a coat.

tie dye sweatpants: Sports Jogger Sweatpants Tie Dye Black


  • Elastic closure
  • Well-fitting
  • Drawstring

Tie-Dye French Terry Closed Bottom Sports Sweatpant

Featured with stretched waistband with drawstring, loose fit shape keep more mobility to move and dry quickly even after exercise.

Closed bottom design helps fix your pant, tie-dyed printed patterned, mid-waisted with 2 slant deep pockets convenient for storage to carry small things, like keys, cards, and phone, pull on closure.

They are perfect for sports, jogging, running, hiking, hunting, camping, dancing, vocation activities, casual daily wear, homecoming, holiday, street, home wear, work office, relaxing and any occasions.

tie dye sweatpants: Tie-Dye French Terry Closed Bottom Sports Sweatpant


  • Drawstring Closure
  • Hand Wash Only
  • Cotton
  • Versatile

Women’s Aubrey Comfy Fleece Jogger Pants

Comfort and warmth are a necessity for everyday activities, whether it’s working out in the gym or lounging around.

The Aubrey Comfy Fleece Jogger Pants are the perfect fleece bottoms for your everyday casual look. They offer a relaxed fit, still flattering in all the right places and with enough flexibility for full range motion.

With ultra-soft, heavyweight fleece, a relaxed straight leg fit, handy side pockets, and elastic cuffs, pair these joggers with a cute sports bra or plain white tee and you’re ready to go.

tie dye sweatpants: Women’s Aubrey Comfy Fleece Jogger Pants


  • Elastic closure
  • Polyester fleece
  • Cotton
  • Machine Wash

Wear these cute tie dye sweatpants with your favorite tie dye hoodie or a tie dye sweatshirt, and certainly, tie die dress and tie dye crocs!!


Photo of author
Ruth Summers is a passionate and talented crafter who has been creating beautiful fabrics since childhood. She grew up in a small town in rural Oregon and developed a strong interest in crocheting, knitting, sewing, and tie dyeing from an early age.
Photo of author
Ruth Summers is a passionate and talented crafter who has been creating beautiful fabrics since childhood. She grew up in a small town in rural Oregon and developed a strong interest in crocheting, knitting, sewing, and tie dyeing from an early age.